Clicker Heroes Unblocked

Clicker Heroes Unblocked

Clicker Heroes Unblocked is one among the most popular game till date by playsaurus but unfortunately as it came to us from 2014 it had many in app purchases and if you are true game lovers then you will definitely spend even a penny.

Clicker Heroes was a major hit in clicker games category. soon after the release, many companies started making such games. The game play of this clicker heroes unblocked is very easy to play with those controls even a 3 year old kid can play this game.The major thing in this is the mouse everything is done or based on the mouse, all you need to is to move it from side to side and start clicking on the animals or objects or insects as many times as possible using the left mouse button.

Click here to play the game clicker heroes unblocked 

Clicker Heroes Unblocked

In the beginning, It seems that the game will be very easy but that’s not the case.This game consists of tons of different characters with different set of skills. There will be almost 30 to 40 heroes each provided with specific skill or has different DPS(damage per second).You can  recruit them by earning gold from winning the battles against your enemies. The Cid is the cheapest character who costs around 5 gold and the expensive character is Wepwawet who costs around 1.00. The option to level up your heroes is there all you need to do is just click the “LVL UP” button, which is located near the game of the character.

Clicker Heroes has 10 levels for every hero and the most important thing to be noticed is that you can be able to upgrade the skills of hero or character and increase his DPS. The difficult task in this game is the Boss fights which can be hard to succeed because they have huge health and you have a time limit. In order to breakthrough all the levels you need to be very quick as it requires an amount of time. The save button is present in case you have to leave the game then you can load all the progress and you can access saved data on the servers of the game. Finally i could say Clicker Heroes Unblocked is free and you can play your friends or anyone for free.

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